Proposal Development

RFEI and RFP Writing

Preparing a Request For Expression of Interest and a Request For Product can be a daunting process and an overwhelming amount of work, especially if preparing such documents is outside your normal scope of work.  Even if you are used to submitting formal bids, you may not currently have the time to complete a bid, in addition to running your business.  Canada Consulting can take on the heavy lifting involved in bid preparation, and deliver a professional-quality submission that represents your company to its best advantage.

Presentation Development

You may have an opportunity to formally present your RFP to the client.  It is critical that your presentation impresses the client with your professionalism.  Canada Consulting is expert in developing PowerPoint presentations that speak corporate clients’ ‘language’, and make buyers feel confident that they will be able to communicate effortlessly with your company.

Presentation Preparation

If you do decide to present your RFP, Canada Consulting can help you represent your company to its best advantage by stepping you through a rehearsal of your presentation, and by giving you constructive guidance and feedback on your communication style. 

Marketing Material Development

Offering superior products and services to your target market is fundamental to business success.  To make your business really take flight, though, it is essential to develop a strong marketing plan.  And equally important is the excellent implementation of that plan, with the support of quality marketing materials.   

With expertise in marketing consumer packaged goods, web and internet services, Canada Consulting can develop the superior marketing materials your business needs to achieve its goals.